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Nursing Home Neglect Caught on Tape: WWII Veteran Dies After Not Provided with Emergency Care

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2017 | Nursing Home Abuse

James Dempsey, a decorated US Navy World War II Veteran from Woodstock, Georgia, died in a Georgia nursing home after the staff failed to provide him with emergency care. Mr. Dempsey, a resident of Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation Center, had difficulty breathing during the early morning hours of February 27, 2014. The staff at the nursing home claimed that, despite their best efforts, including non-stop chest compressions, and continuous CPR, they were not able to save Mr. Dempsey’s life. However, the nursing home staff didn’t know that Mr. Dempsey’s family had placed a hidden camera in his room, which flatly contradicts the nursing home claims. Not only did the staff fail to provide the emergent care, but they also waited nearly an hour to even call 911. You can read this disturbing story yourself, and watch the videos:…