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Getting coverage for your sewage loss

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2018 | Property Damage

Almost 2 years ago, the Tampa Bay area was hit hard by Hurricane Hermine, leaving a substantial amount of homeowners and businessowners with property damage. Amongst the devastation was substantial overflows of sewage from area treatment and sewer plants that were overwhelmed by heavy rains, resulting in sewage overflowing into our streets, homes, and businesses resulting in substantial losses.

Most insurance policies provide coverage for discharge or overflow of sewage. For one of our clients in St. Petersburg, their insurance company, Universal Property & Casualty Ins. Co., denied their claim, arguing that there was no coverage for their damage based on policy exclusions. Yesterday, a circuit judge in Pinellas County granted a motion filed by our firm on behalf of the homeowners and found as a matter of law that there was coverage under the policy for their loss. The judge concluded that the policy exclusions that the insurance company was relying upon did not apply and that the damages were covered as a matter of law. The judge then entered judgment against Universal Property & Casualty and in favor of our clients on liability.

If you had a claim for damage caused by an overflow of sewage from area treatment and sewage plants that was denied or underpaid, we may be able to assist you in getting the compensation you deserve. Please contact us for a free consultation.