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Will homeowner’s insurance cover tree damage?

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2022 | Property Damage

Homeowners purchase insurance policies to protect what’s likely their biggest asset. While you can hope that nothing will ever happen that makes you need to use it, there may come a day when you do have to contact the insurer to let them know that there’s been an incident.

One possible issue that can occur to a home is tree damage. When you discover serious damage from a tree, you may wonder if it’s covered. Ultimately, the reason for the damage is what’s going to determine if your insurance coverage will take care of the situation.

What caused the tree damage?

Insurance is meant to cover accidental damage, not damage caused by lack of maintenance. This means that if a tree falls on your home because of a windstorm or because it was struck by lightning, the damage is probably covered.

Your homeowner’s policy probably won’t cover damage to your home because of a tree if the damage is due to the tree constantly rubbing against the home for months on end. This would likely be considered a maintenance issue.

What benefits are you due?

You have to review your policy to determine exactly what you’re due. Many policies will cover tree removal and damage to the home. Some may offer housing if you’re displaced, which is possible if the tree falls onto the home. Your policy will likely also cover damage to a neighbor’s home if the tree damages their property.

While insurance is meant to protect your investment, you may have to fight for the benefits you deserve. Insurance companies have to try to preserve their bottom line, so they may not jump to pay the full damages of a covered situation. Working with someone who’s familiar with applicable laws may benefit homeowners who need to get the benefits they’re due.