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What types of elder abuse can occur in nursing homes?

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2022 | Nursing Home Abuse

People who live in nursing homes expect that they’ll receive the care they need. While that happens in many cases, it’s best for residents and their loved ones to know a little bit about nursing home abuse so they can watch for the signs. 

One thing to remember is that the signs of nursing home abuse aren’t always easy to spot. Physical abuse is a bit easier to notice than other forms because it usually comes with bruises and other marks (although it’s possible for these to be hidden under clothing). 

Other forms of elder abuse

Physical abuse isn’t the only type of abuse that can occur in a nursing home. Other forms of abuse include:

  • Financial abuse: An employee takes money from the resident or tricks them into changing their estate plan.
  • Emotional abuse: This often includes intimidation, threatening, or saying mean things to the resident.
  • Sexual abuse: This can include physical contact but doesn’t have to because even forcing the resident to watch pornography is sexual abuse.

Some symptoms that a senior may experience are the same, regardless of the type of abuse they’re going through. Unexplained weight loss, isolation, and withdrawal from loved ones are common in these cases. They may also have a dramatic change in their sleep schedule or have trouble sleeping. 

Nursing home residents who suffer damages due to abuse by a caregiver can opt to take legal action. Close relatives may also be able to act on their behalf. Find out more about your legal options so that you can hold the appropriate party accountable.