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Why do pipes leak?

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2023 | Property Damage

A leaking pipe can cause a catastrophic amount of damage in your home. Even a small amount of water leaking out for a short time can damage drywall, electrical systems and even the structural elements of the home, such as the studs and beams in the walls.

The most common reason that pipes leak is because the water freezes and the pipe bursts. You do have to watch out for this occasionally in Florida, if the temperature drops exceptionally low. But it is not as common as it is in northern states, so what are some other reasons that pipes may leak for you?

Storm damage

If there’s a tropical storm or a hurricane, there’s always a chance that the damage from the storm itself could cause the pipes to leak. Plumbing systems are very precise. If the house’s frame shifts and moves even a little bit, it can put pipes out of alignment and cause water damage.

Clogged lines

Some pipes will also leak because the lines themselves are clogged and the water backs up within the pipe. It then seeks the easiest place to escape, which may be the joint between two pipes or around a valve.

Broken plumbing systems

Of course, pipes can also leak simply when things break. Maybe an older pipe rusted through. Maybe the plumber who installed a repair patch didn’t do a good job and it broke at the seal. Perhaps something was damaged during a home renovation project.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much to cause significant damage within your home. If you’re struggling to get the compensation you need from the insurance company, be sure you know about all the steps you can take.