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What to do if your loved one has experienced nursing home abuse

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2023 | Nursing Home Abuse

Finding out that your loved one has experienced nursing home abuse can be painful. You trusted the facility to take care of them, but they didn’t. It’s vital to know the signs of nursing home abuse to identify it sooner. But what should you do next?

Here are four things to consider:

1. Get emergency help

If your loved one is in critical condition, it will help to get outside medical help. You can do this by calling 911 or driving to a doctor you trust. It may not be practical to get medical help from the facility since they have neglected your loved one for an extended period. 

2. Gather evidence

Even if you are uncertain if your loved one is going through nursing home abuse but suspect so, you should gather evidence. Ask them how they are being treated and how they got the injury, record any unexplained changes, such as weight loss, financial transactions and so on, and take photos of their bruises and wounds.

3. Report the abuse

You should report the abuse to the nursing home. At times, the owner or managing company may not be aware of the staff’s negligent behaviors. The facility should conduct an internal investigation to provide you with in-depth answers.

4. Get an attorney

It will be best to get legal guidance to protect the rights of your loved one. This professional will help you understand the best ways to protect your loved one and what the law says about your right to hold the nursing home accountable.

If your loved one has experienced nursing home abuse, you should obtain adequate information about the case to make the right moves.