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How climate change has been affecting hurricanes

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2023 | Property Damage

Hurricanes have been changing over the decades. They’ve always been dangerous, but they seem to be getting worse in recent years.

For example, in an article from NASA, scientists revealed that they had created a model predicting the rainfall rate in hurricanes. That rate has been going up, and this trend is expected to continue until at least 2100. This could change the severity of hurricanes and the amount of damage that they cause.

Changes since the 1980s

In the same report, scientists considered the hurricanes that had been noted since the 1980s until today. Their report showed that there were, on average:

  1. Stronger hurricanes 
  2. More hurricanes that rapidly get worse 
  3. More total storms that are active

Due to these three major changes, there could be more tropical storms in total and the ones that hit the United States could be more devastating and powerful. It is true that some natural changes to the climate can cause these alterations. However, the “rapid intensification” that has been noted recently seems to go above and beyond these natural changes, suggesting that climate change is starting to make hurricanes worse.

Property and insurance issues

Those living in coastal states like Florida need to be well aware of the risks posed by hurricanes. The ones that make landfall in the next five or 10 years could be worse than any the state has seen before. These hurricanes can also cause extensive amounts of property damage, and it can be complicated to get proper compensation from the insurance company. Florida residents need to understand all of their legal options, as well.