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What to do if a tree falls on your home

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2024 | Property Damage

Homeowners’ insurance provides valuable coverage for what’s likely a person’s most valuable asset. While most people pay for this coverage with the hope of never having to use it, there are times when they may need to make a claim.

One event that may necessitate that you file an insurance claim is if a tree falls on your home. The steps are largely the same whether it’s a large branch or an entire tree.

Check the damage

The amount of damage depends on the size and weight of the tree and how it struck the home. Your home will likely have some roof damage if any part of the tree lands on it. Try to evaluate the damage but only do so if it’s safe. Remember, trees and branches can slide or roll, so staying out of the path of danger is critical to keep you safe. There’s a chance the home won’t be safe to stay in, so finding temporary accommodations is often a concern. Your insurance policy may cover related costs.

Contact the appropriate insurance company

If the fallen tree was on your property, you’ll need to call your insurance company. You might need to contact your neighbor’s insurance if the tree was on their property. Use caution when you speak to the insurance company or adjusters because they may try to twist your words to minimize or deny a claim.

The decisions made by an insurance company can have a major impact on your ability to repair your home. If your losses are significant, it may benefit you to seek legal guidance before contacting any insurance professionals in order to better ensure that your rights are protected as you move forward.