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Bed safety in nursing homes

On Behalf of | May 31, 2024 | Nursing Home Abuse

As people age, their bones lose strength, can break more easily and take longer to recover if they do. It is one of the reasons why nursing home management and staff must do what they can to prevent falls among their residents.

One place residents sometimes fall from is their bed. Yet there are some easy ways to reduce the risk of this. Here are some:

Using a bed with rails around the side

Beds that have guard rails are not needed for every resident and can feel a bit too like a child’s cot for some. However, they may be a necessary measure for someone who tosses and turns a lot in their sleep and has perhaps fallen out of bed before.

Arranging cushions and pillows around the bed

You can make a softer and more welcoming guard rail by placing bolster cushions and pillows around the sides of the bed. While they are less secure than a metal rail they are a more dignified solution.

Reducing the effects of a fall

Rather than trying to prevent a fall, you could try to make any fall that occurs less damaging. Lowering the bed so a resident has less distance to fall is one option. The judicious use of rugs to provide a soft landing is another. 

If your loved one has been injured in a nursing home it’s worth considering whether it was just bad luck or whether the management or staff had not taken appropriate precautions to prevent such incidents. If you believe they were negligent you may want help to consider your legal options.