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Can you maximize your insurance claims for sewer issues?

On Behalf of | May 30, 2024 | Property Damage

If you are a property owner, few disasters can be as devastating as a sewage backup. The foul odors, contaminated water and potential structural damage can quickly turn your residential or commercial space into an uninhabitable mess.

In addition to the immediate cleanup costs, you may be entitled to compensation for lost business revenue, temporary relocation expenses and the diminished value of your property. When facing such a crisis, you are better off knowing your rights and the available legal options for securing fair compensation from your insurance provider.

Know the hidden dangers of sewage damage

While the initial cleanup costs may be daunting, the long-term consequences of sewage backups can be even more severe. When your water is exposed to contaminated water for too long, it can facilitate mold growth, weakened foundations and other structural issues that can end up compromising the safety and value of your property.

When you clearly outline these dangers, it builds a legal case for why the true costs of a sewage backup extend far beyond just the initial cleanup. This evidence can be used to argue for a more comprehensive insurance payout to cover remediation of all sewage-related issues.

Navigating the claims labyrinth

Insurance policies often cover sewage-related damages, but the claims process can be complex and frustrating. Insurers may attempt to minimize payouts or deny claims, citing technicalities or alleged lack of proper maintenance.

This is where the property damage legal team can prove invaluable. They can help ensure all angles are covered when documenting losses and negotiating for an appropriate claim payout amount.

Document the disaster

A strong sewer insurance claim requires proper and detailed legal documentation of sewage backups. This can be photographic evidence, detailed logs of the damages and records of all communications with your insurer. This can help ensure that no detail is overlooked.

Legal guidance matters

While some sewer damage claims may be straightforward, navigating such complex situations with a legal representative can make a significant difference. Their reputable experience with property damage and insurance law can help ensure they:

  • Review your policy and advise you on coverage
  • Assist with gathering evidence and building a strong case
  • Negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf
  • Represent you in court if necessary

Whether you’re a homeowner, business proprietor, condo association board member or concerned about a loved one in a nursing home facility, sewage backups can quickly escalate into legal and financial nightmares. Partnering with a dedicated legal team can safeguard your rights and interests throughout your recovery process.