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Frequently Asked Questions About Nursing Home Abuse In Florida

Nursing homes are supposed to be safe, caring places for elders and other vulnerable people who need special care. When abuse or mistreatment occurs, it’s a deep betrayal and shattering of trust for everyone connected with that community.

At Stockham Law Group, P.A., we’re committed to holding nursing homes accountable. Our lawyers are passionate advocates for victims of nursing home abuse and their loved ones. We can help you report the abuse and take legal action to both pursue compensation and help ensure that such abuse doesn’t happen again.

Read on for answers to frequent questions about abuse in Florida nursing homes.

What is nursing home abuse?

Abuse in nursing homes takes many forms. It includes:

  • Physical abuse such as hitting, kicking, slapping or other rough treatment
  • Emotional and verbal abuse such as name-calling, threats and intimidation
  • Financial abuse or exploitation
  • Sexual abuse
  • Neglect, including delayed or denied medical treatment, poor or absent care, social isolation and other types of mistreatment

Nursing homes are also hotbeds for medical malpractice.

How do I report nursing home abuse?

You can file a complaint any time online through the Agency for Health Care Administration. You can also file a complaint during regular business hours by phone at 1-888-419-3456.

Nursing homes that accept Medicare or Medicaid are required to have a formal grievance procedure for addressing complaints. They must also post the phone number and contact information for the state licensing agency and ombudsman program.

Who investigates nursing home abuse?

When you file a complaint with the state, the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration will process it. Federal law requires nursing homes to submit an immediate report after receiving the complaint. They must also submit a follow-up report within five days. When you file a complaint and provide your contact information, you will be kept updated on the status of the investigation.

Do I need a lawyer?

While you don’t need a lawyer to file the initial complaint, you should consider enlisting one as soon as possible. A skilled lawyer can advocate for you or your loved one, ensuring that critical evidence doesn’t get overlooked or swept under the rug. They can conduct an independent investigation to lay the groundwork for a personal injury or malpractice claim. They can act as your representative in dealings with the nursing home. In short, they can help you pursue justice and compensation while ensuring that you or your loved one doesn’t get taken advantage of again.

How We Can Help

Please reach out to us immediately if you or a loved one has been a victim of nursing home abuse. You can also call us at 877-976-9412. Our attorneys can review your situation and provide concrete guidance on the next steps to protect yourself and enforce your rights.

With convenient offices in Tampa and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we handle nursing home abuse cases statewide.